Answers are in bold.

  1. Does WestCOG wish to have only one electronic copy of a vendor’s proposal as indicated under the heading of “How to apply” on page 3 of the RFP or does it also wish to have hard copies and, if so, how many hard copies?
    Hard copies are not necessary but will be accepted in addition to an electronic copy. Electronic copies must be readily printable PDFs.
  2. Will WestCOG accept a timeframe of five years for financial estimates, not the 20 years now stated stated under paragraph 4 near the top of page 2? From our many years of experience with similar studies, five years should provide a full view of the fiscal environment for the sharing/consolidation which is the subject of the RFP.
    Five years is acceptable.
  3. What is WestCOG’s budget for this feasibility study? While this information is sometimes viewed as sensitive, it is public record and provides critical guidance to the consulting community regarding the feasibility of undertaking this project.
    To comply with grant conditions, WestCOG as a policy does not disclose project budgets.

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