Environmental Management

WestCOG provides environmental planning and services for its member communities and regional partners.


Historic SWRPA and HVCEO Plans of Conservation & Development (POCD)

WestCOG currently refers to its historic Plans of Conservation and Development (POCD) from SWRPA and HVCEO.

The Housatonic Valley Regional Plan of Conservation & Development, 2009

Extracted pages from HVCEO Regional Planjpg_Page1ADOPTED EFFECTIVE 7/1/2009

Final Plan



2006-2015 The South Western Regional Plan of Conservation & Development, 2006

2006 Regional Plan of Conservation and DevelopmentThis plan was unanimously approved by SWRPA’s full Board at its meeting on February 6, 2006. The plan is the result of more than two years of dedicated effort on the part of SWRPA’s Committee for the Plan Update and staff to examine the state of the South Western Region since the 1995 Regional Plan of Conservation and Development was approved in December 1995, and to develop recommendations to meet the many challenges anticipated in the Region through the Plan’s horizon year of 2015.

Final Report

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