Water Conservation

Stormwater Support

WestCOG is working with municipalities and partner organizations to prepare communities to meet upcoming municipal separate storm sewer (MS4) permit requirements through collaborative solutions.

Watershed Plans

One of WestCOG’s predecessors, the SWRPA planning region, worked with AKRF, Inc. to develop watershed based plans for each of the watersheds aimed at improving water quality in the three rivers. Funding for the plans was provided by the DEEP Watershed Management program through 604(B) and 319 planning grants.

Saugatuck River Watershed Based Plan






Mianus River Watershed Based Plan






Five Mile River Watershed Based Plain




Norwalk River Watershed Action Plan, 2011

NorwalkNorwalk_finalWBP_8-2011_take2_reducedSWRPA and watershed stakeholders have been working with HydroQual, Inc. to update the Norwalk River Action Plan. The current Watershed Action Plan was created by the Norwalk River Watershed Initiative in 1998, and revised in 2004. The updated Watershed Based Plan (WBP) has been Submitted to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) for final approval.

Water Utility Coordinator Committee

WestCOG is a voting member for the Western CT Water Utility Coordinator Committee (WUCC), and serves as the regional POC for WestCOG’s participating municipalities. The WUCC is a forum for water utility companies to meet and discuss matters of service areas and water supply. The Western CT WUCC plan is currently in development. More information can be found here.

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