The GIS and Analytics Group at WestCOG is technically skilled with diverse expertise in a variety of domain areas and data types (e.g. environmental, transportation, and land-use). In addition to GIS skills and software, we have  expertise in data processing, geoprocessing, scripting, image processing, and other analytic areas. Contact Michael Towle for more information.


The GIS and Analytics Group at WestCOG can help you conduct your data analyses and mapping visualization using a wide variety of analytic tool, methodologies, and approaches. Our staff has backgrounds in fields like GIS, remote sensing, economics, landscape architecture, geology, natural resources, and environmental science, land-use, and transportation. Call us with your questions.

GIS Training

Municipal Specific Analyses
You might have something specific you want to be able to do yourself. Contact WestCOG to setting up a training.

GIS Basics

Data Collection
using Arc Collector (Free with you Arc Subscription)

From Excel to GIS and Back Again
How to get your data into GIS, join it with shapefiles, and how to bring it back to excel.

UConn Geospatial Training Program

GIS Groups and Associations

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