Data Downloads

WestCOG Planimetrics Data

 Planimetrics (.gdb)

A robust and very detailed collection of regional data layers that WestCOG regulars refers to for all manner of map making, analyses, and planning. It Includes Planimetrics Data acquired in 2013 (SWRPA) and 2015 (HVCEO).

Topographic (.gdb)

Baseline elevation data developed for planning and cartographic purposes.

Parcel (.gdb)

WestCOG collected parcel data from multiple sources to generate a single region wide parcel layer to be utilized for parcel level analysis within the WestCOG region.

Base Map (.gdb)

This geodatabase represents the GIS resources WestCOG utilizes regularly. It contains topographic, planimetric, and parcel products as well as political, boundaries, cartographic, census, and environmental data sets.

WestCOG Imagery

The most recent imagery for the region is 3″ and 4-band imagery from the 2016 statewide flight. Imagery of the same type is available from the GIS Department for 2013 (SWRPA towns) and 2015 (HEVCO towns).

WestCOG Raster Data

A regional collection of Planimetrics data derived from 2014 Flyovers. Also, available for each town. (Pending Review)

Digital Elevation Model, shows the elevation of the land for the whole region.

Surface Elevation Model, shows elevation of the surface only and does not represent features such as trees or buildings.

Raw Lidar Data

A large data set not available for download. If needed, please contact WestCOG directly to establish a form of data delivery.

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