Data Downloads

WestCOG has acquired a robust collection of regional data layers usable for map making, analyses, and planning. Much of it is derived from Planimetrics Data acquired in 2013 (SWRPA) and 2015 (HVCEO). Downloads are available below and by request.

Administrative Areas

Town, regional, congressional, and school district boundaries.


Building foot print polygon data for all towns in WestCOG


Census designated regions include block, block group, and tract shapes for our region.


20, 10, 5, 2, and 1 ft contours for the WestCOG region. Deata derived from 2014 Lidar Data.


Trees, soils, and riparian data


Streams rivers and lakes

Landcover Rasters

DEM, SEM, impervious cover rasters

Land Use Planning

Zoning and open space data collected where available from communities


Parcel data for communities in the WestCOG region.


Culverts and impervious cover totals by town, watershed, catchment areas and parcels.


Pavement polygons, road center lines, and street features.


Rail and bus data

WestCOG Imagery

The most recent imagery for the region is 3″ and 4-band imagery from the 2016 statewide flight. Imagery of the same type is available from the GIS Department for 2013 (SWRPA towns) and 2015 (HVCEO towns).

WestCOG Raster Data

Surface Elevation Model, shows elevation of the surface only and does not represent features such as trees or buildings.

Raw LiDAR Data

A large data set not available for download. If needed, please contact WestCOG directly to establish a form of data delivery.

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