Past Publications

This page is an archive of past publications from WestCOG and its predecessors. This page is continually updated. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Year PublishedTitle
2009One Coast, One Future Vol. 1
2009One Coast, One Future Vol. 2 - Appendices
20112011 - 2016 Predisaster Mitigation Plan - Final Plan
2017Branchville 2017 TOD Plan
20112011 - 2016 Predisaster Mitigation Plan - Appendices
20112011 - 2016 Predisaster Mitigation Plan - FEMA Approval
20112011 - 2016 Predisaster Mitigation Plan - Brochure
2006Bethel 2006 Watershed Plan
2010Bethel 2010 TOD Feasibility
2012Bethel 2012 Curb Cut Plan
2015Bethel 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan
2008Bridgewater 2008 Pedestrian Plan
2015Bridgewater 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan
2014Brookfield 2014 Hazard Mitigation Plan
2015Brookfield 2015 Route 202 Plan
2007Danbury 2007 Hospital & WCSU Traffic
2008Danbury 2008 Hospital Sign Plan
2009Danbury 2009 I-84 Toll Study
2011Danbury 2011 I-84 Diversions Plan
2011Danbury 2011 Route 806 Study
2012Danbury 2012 Hazard Mitigation Plan
2013Danbury 2013 Lake Ave. and West St. Plan
2009Darien 2009 Rail Station Parking
2012Darien 2012 Route 1 Study
2014Darien 2014 Salt Marsh Study
2016Special and Functional Needs Sheltering Planning Guide
2009Greenwich 2009 Bus Rapid Transit
2011Greenwich 2011 Route 1 Study
2014Greenwich 2014 Salt Marsh Study
2005New Fairfield 2005 Center Beautification
2011New Fairfield 2011 Hazard Mitigation Plan
2007New Milford 2007 Still River Greenway
2008New Milford 2008 Curb Cut Plan
2015New Milford 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan
1997Newtown 1997 Hawleyville Study
2003Newtown 2003 Queen St. Pedestrian Plan
2006Newtown 2006 Queen Street Plan
2010Newtown 2010 Curb Cut Plan
2015Newtown 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan
2001Norwalk 2001 Norwalk Islands Canoe Guide
2004Norwalk 2004 Rail Station Parking
2007Norwalk 2007 Merritt 7 Transit Marketing
2009Norwalk 2009 Bus Rapid Transit
2009Norwalk 2009 Safe Routes to Roton School
2012Norwalk 2012 Main Avenue Traffic Phase 1
2014Norwalk 2014 Salt Marsh Study
2015Redding 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan
2001Redding 2001 Georgetown Beautification Plan
2005Ridgefield 2005 Route 35 Plan
2006Ridgefield 2006 Curb Cut Plan
2011Ridgefield 2011 Route 7 Plan
2015Ridgefield 2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan
2007Sherman 2007 Center Pedestrian Plan
2011Sherman 2011 Hazard Mitigation Plan
2008Stamford 2008 Transit Marketing
2011Stamford 2011 Route 1 Study
2012Stamford 2012 Bike Ped Safety
2013Stamford 2013 East Main Transit Mode
2014Stamford 2014 Salt Marsh Study
2015Stamford 2015 Glenbrook- Springdale TOD
2014Westport 2014 Rail Parking Conditions
2014Westport 2014 Salt Marsh Study
2016Westport 2016 Bus Study
2016Westport 2016 Rail Parking Analysis
2011Wilton 2011 Route 7 Plan
2006Sub Region North 2006 Public Health Mutual Aid
2007Sub Region North 2007 Expanding Bus Transit
1974Navigation of the Housatonic River in the 18th and 19th Centuries
2016SweetHART Operational Analysis 2016
2015South Western Region Long Range Transportation Plan
20152015-2040 Regional Transportation Plan for the Housatonic Valley Region
2015Greater Danbury Regional Bike Plan
20167 Link Efficiency Study
2016Regional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, 2016-2020 (South)
2017Electric Vehicle and Charging Station Study
2017CAMA - Existing Conditions and Initial Recommendations Report
2017Ladders of Opportunity Brief
2017New Fairfield – Gillotti Road RSA
2017Western Connecticut Economic Development Plan: A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
2017Western Connecticut Economic Development Plan: Appendix A
2017Western Connecticut Economic Development Plan: Appendix B
2017Regional Initiatives Report
2017Regional GIS Web Application Recommendations Report
2017Commuter Parking Executive Summary
2018Commuter Parking Individual Lot Summaries
2016Opioid Crisis Update 1: Establishing a Baseline Using Fatal Overdose Data

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