Drug Task Force

In 2015, WestCOG was tasked by its CEOs to assist in curbing the growing heroin and opiate abuse crisis occurring in the Region. From this charge came the WestCOG Drug Task Force, a group of professionals and stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds who meet regularly and discuss strategies for combating the rise in overdose deaths and abuse.

The Scale of the Problem

The rising trend in deaths from heroin and opioid drugs is undeniable. Using data from the CT Medical Examiner, WestCOG was able to map which municipalities in the Region have been the hardest hit in recent years.

Fatal Overdoses

* It should be noted that this data only counts deaths of people in the state of CT and in the town which the death occurred. If CT residents died outside of the state, that data is not included. If a resident of one town died in another that death is counted where the death occurred.

Opioid Crisis Update 1

Meeting Resources

Meeting Date Source Document
02-04-2016 WestCOG Packet
02-04-2016 WestCOG Minutes
02-04-2016 Susan Wolfe, DHMAS Presentation - Naloxone (Narcan): The Opioid Overdose Antidote
02-04-2016 Dr. Grau, Yale Presentation - Overdose Deaths
03-09-2016 WestCOG Packet
03-09-2016 Carol Meredith, DHMAS Presentation - DMHAS Prevention Infrastructure
03-09-2016 WestCOG Minutes
03-31-2016 WestCOG Packet
03-31-2016 New England High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Presentation - Heroin Response Strategy
03-31-2016 WestCOG Minutes
05-05-2016 WestCOG Packet
05-05-2016 WestCOG Minutes
06-29-2016 WestCOG Packet
06-29-2016 Joanne Montgomery, AIDS Project Greater Danbury Presentation - Harm Reduction & Opioid Overdose
06-29-2016 WestCOG Minutes
10-13-2016 WestCOG Packet
10-13-2016 Charles Grady, FBI Video - Chasing the Dragon
10-13-2016 WestCOG Minutes
12-01-2016 WestCOG Minutes
12-01-2016 Jenny Byxbee, Greenwich Youth Council Presentation: Greenwich JRB Orientation
12-01-2016 Jenny Byxbee, Greenwich Youth Council Brochure: Greenwich JRB
12-01-2016 Jenny Byxbee, Greenwich Youth Council Presentation: Restorative Justice Training
01-17-2017 WestCOG Minutes
01-17-2017 Department of Consumer Protection Presentation: Prescription Monitoring Program
03-22-2017 WestCOG Minutes
03-22-2017 Eric D. Collins, M.D., Silver Hill Hospital Presentation: Overview of Addiction
09-12-2017 WestCOG Minutes


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