WestCOG’s Regional Viewer

Currently in development, the web application would allow for regional viewing of WestCOG member town’s parcel and CAMA data, along with relevent regional datasets (e.g zoning, wetlands, etc.)


Project Manager: Mike Towle, Deputy Director at WestCOG, mtowle@westcog.org | 475.323.2064

Project Leader: Michele Giorgianni with AppGeo

Assistant Project Manager: Priya Sankalia with AppGeo

WestCOG Member Municipalities: Bethel, Bridgewater, Brookfield, Danbury, Darien, Greenwich, Newtown, New Canaan, New Fairfield, New Milford, Norwalk, Redding, Ridgefield, Sherman, Stamford, Weston, Westport, Wilton

Project Scope

Phase 1: Program Governance, make sure WestCOG creates a strong governing roll

Phase 2: Create platform- collect data, migrate, and build map visual. See WestCOG’s Regional Data List is an active list of intended regional data layers for the parcel viewer. WestCOG is open to feedback from member communities on what data should be included and how it should be displayed.

Phase 3: Establish a maintenance program and make sure WestCOG is in a good place to have data updated regularly. See the Regional Data List for status updates on this process.

Phase 4: Support towns data needs (as needed basis)

Project Benefits

Easy Access: A single resource for users to view multiple communities worth of parcel data across town boundaries.

  • Providing faster review of parcel data,
  • Facilitates business Facilitates local business and real estate activities.
  • Allows user logins for municipal staff to review select datasets
  • Abutter features can be used across town boundaries
  • Allows for more robust queries to identify unique properties in neighboring jurisdictions (e.g. Golf Courses, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities etc.). This can support valuation and abatement case management.

Market of Options: Communities without a parcel viewer can refer to the Regional Viewer, as a cheaper alternative for the service. Communities with existing parcel viewers now have options, can also consider switching to using the regional viewer if desired. The latter option providing some cost & time savings, however the community would be giving up some level of municipal site specificity (e.g. town logo, site colors, symbology styles).

Supports Partner Departments/Agencies: Access to authoritative parcel and CAMA data can support economic development (commercial site selectors), public safety (emergency services, mutual aid) and regional planning.

Moves towards improved and Authoritative Data: A mapping portal provides a framework for sharing community data and parcel information and starts a dialogue between municipalities and COGs on what data is important, how it can be maintained, and how it can be authoritative while keeping maintenance work to a minimum. It also provides a location to store authoritative parcel, zoning, land use, and wetlands data for interested communities (e.g. WestCOG can host data, and towns can edit their data).

Kick Off Meeting

At 2:30pm on Thursday, Sept 12th held at the Comstock Community Center in Wilton, AppGeo and WestCOG showcased the MapGeo regional application and discussed the projects goals, timeline, and solicit feedback from municipal stakeholders.

Sample MapGeo Sites: