Western CT Economic Advisory Group

The Western CT Economic Advisory Group  guides the development of the Western CT Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). Per EDA requirements, the group is a balance of public and private sector stakeholders and influencers in the region. The purpose of the Advisory Group includes setting goals and strategies for the economic development of the region, as well as the identification of candidate projects of potential funding. All meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Resources

Meeting Date Document
09-20-2017 Minutes
07-19-2017 Minutes
06-06-2017 Minutes
05-22-2017 Minutes
05-03-2017 Minutes
05-03-2017 Presentation - Objectives
04-19-2017 Presentation - Goals
04-19-2017 Minutes
03-28-2017 Presentation - SWOT Analysis
03-28-2017 Minutes
01-11-2017 Presentation - Survey Results
01-11-2017 Minutes
11-03-2016 Minutes
09-29-2016 Minutes
09-29-2016 Presentation - Business & Industry Data Compilation
09-29-2016 Presentation Summary
06-21-2016 Presentation - Introduction and Summary Background
06-21-2016 Minutes

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