Bus Transit Planning

7Link Efficiency Study, 2016

7Link Bus StudyThis study was completed for WestCOG by HARTransit. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the status of the Danbury- Norwalk Route 7 Link (7 Link) bus route and identify areas for improvement. This study is the first in depth look at the service in the 13 years it has operated.

Final Report

Westport Bus Service Operations & Needs Study, 2016

WestCOG, in partnership with the Westport Transit District, conducted a study to explore ways to improve bus service in Westport. The purpose of the study is to assess current operations and develop an updated recommended service and governance plan for bus services, including fixed route, ADA, services for the elderly, services to the two Westport rail stations, off-site parking, and after school shuttle activities. The goal of the study is to ultimately update existing service to better serve residents’ travel needs into the future.

Final Report


Hart Fixed Route Efficiency Study, 2011

HART_Fixed_Route_Efficiency_Study_2011An update of HART’s blueprint for systemwide operational efficiency, including on time performance, ridership survey and recommendations.

Final Report

Hart Bus Service Plan, 2010

HART_BUS_SERVICE_PLAN_2010This analysis of and plan for the regional HART bus system updates earlier editions cited below. A comparison of cost-effectiveness with comparable systems is included.

Final Report


History of Public Bus Service in Greater Danbury, 2008

HISTORY OF PUBLIC BUS SERVICE IN DANBURYThis report by Richard Schreiner, HART Service Development Director, provides an understanding of HART’s historical roots and systematic development over decades. Perspective on past funding decisions helps to facilitate wise investment in future growth of regional transit.

Final Report


Expanding Bus Transit to Bridgeport and Waterbury, 2007

HART bridgeport-waterbury bus studyPrepared for HVCEO by the staff of HART, this interregional bus plan will be the template for bus service growth to Bridgeport and Waterbury.

Final Report


Harlem Line Shuttle Bus Study, 2006

HART_Harlem_Line_ShuttlesA review of current HART commuter shuttles from Danbury and Ridgefield to rail services in New York State, and a proposal for adding service from New Fairfield to the Southeast, N.Y.rail station. The New Fairfield service was then initiated in May of 2009.

Final Report

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