WestCOG Data

GIS Data

For those GIS pro users with the necessary software and a need for fast and large downloads, continue exploring our data page.

Administrative Areas

Town, regional, congressional, and school district boundaries.


Building foot print polygon data for all towns in WestCOG


Census designated regions include block, block group, and tract shapes for our region.


20, 10, 5, 2, and 1 ft contours for the WestCOG region. Data derived from 2014 Lidar Data.

TAZ Projections

TAZ demographic population projections are currently available. These were created for the NYC Metro Area.


Trees, soils, and riparian data


Streams rivers and lakes

Landcover Rasters

DEM, SEM, impervious cover rasters

Land Use Planning

Parcels, Zoning and open space data collected where available from communities


Culverts and impervious cover totals by town, watershed, catchment areas and parcels.


Pavement polygons, road center lines, and street features.


Rail and bus data

WestCOG 2014 Orthoimagery

WestCOG owns a 2014 Leaf off flight data with 3″ resolution and 4-bands and can be acquired upon special request. The latest orthoimagery can be obtained on CT Eco.


Digital Elevation Model (DEM), shows elevation of the surface only and does not represent features such as trees or buildings. Surface Elevation Model (SEM) depicts features as well, including buildings and trees.

Raw Lidar

A large data set not available for download. If needed, please contact WestCOG directly to establish a form of data delivery.

CT Data Resources

Town Data Profiles

Two page summaries with key data for each municipality in CT and regularly updated by the CT Data Collaborative and Advance CT.


Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online (CT ECO) shares imagery and environmental information with the general public through map services.


The primary data source of environmental and natural resource data from the State of Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Home to some unique data sets.


A source of geographic information and Census data and is affiliated with the University of Connecticut library system.

CT Open Data Portal

The data clearinghouse for the State of Connecticut. A source for municipal and state demographics and government oriented data sets (e.g. public safety).

CT Data Collaborative

Striving for informed decision-making across Connecticut. CT Data Collaborative empowers an ecosystem of data users by democratizing access to public data and building data literacy.

Additional Data

Analytic Software