Emergency Management

Hazard Mitigation Plans

WestCOG’s former agencies (SWRPA and HVCEO) received funding to complete Hazard Mitigation Plans (HMP) for all 18 communities in the WestCOG region. The HMPs are a bridge to potential FEMA Mitigation funds and grant opportunities. The Hazard Mitigation Plan can be found here.

Emergency Management Planning

Through regional partnership WestCOG works with the Department of Emergency and Homeland Security (DEMHS), member communities, and neighboring COGs to prepare and plan for regional emergency response and mitigation efforts. WestCOG falls within two DEMHS planning regions, Region 1 and Region 5 and attends Steering and Full Committee meetings and advocates for its member communities.

Emergency Service Function 1 (ESF1), Transportation

As part of supporting the DEMHS regions, WestCOG coordinates with transportation planners from NHCOG, NVCOG, MetroCOG to develop and strategize transportation planning issues related to emergency management functions across DEMHS Regions 1 & 5.

Completed Studies and Reports