Elderly and Disabled Municipal Dial-A-Ride Grant Program (13b-38bb)


CTDOT has announced the FY 2022 application process for the MGP, which provides matching funds for transportation of seniors and persons with disabilities to each municipality. Funding is calculated based on the land area and population of those over age 60. The program has been in place since 2006.

The funds cannot replace municipal support for transportation services. If a town or city reduces its funding for senior/disabled transportation, the grant will be proportionally reduced.

Required Materials

Applications are not required in this round to access funds for this program. Municipalities need only submit the required certifications and budget information as follows:

  • Maintenance of Effort Certification: should be completed and signed by the CFO. Please also include a copy of the budget page for FY2022 that shows the line item for this transportation program.
  • Assignability Certification: Those municipalities participating in a coordinated program through a transit district (NTD or HARTransit) should complete this form and have it signed by the municipal CEO assigning the grant to the transit district.
  • Program Budget: Please also include a copy of the budget page for FY 2022 showing the line item for this transportation program. Please mark on the budget page the line item attributable to the dial-a-ride program.

It is recommended that the grant program and sign off for the MGP certifications be placed on the agenda for your municipal boards soon and to avoid any delays.

Submission of required materials are due to WestCOG and CTDOT by May 3, 2021. Materials should be transmitted to the following contacts:

Assistance – please direct all inquiries to:
Todd Fontanella | 475-323-2076.