Western Connecticut Council of Governments

WestCOG’s Strategic Vision and Plan


Our communities work harmoniously to ensure all residents enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction for quality of life and economic prosperity in the Northeast.


We work collaboratively with government and civic leaders to provide exceptional public services for Western Connecticut.


Collaboration, Communication, Credibility, Inclusivity, Innovation, Trust


WestCOG is governed by a council composed of mayors and first selectmen. Each WestCOG member municipality is entitled to one representative and one vote on the council.


WestCOG serves as a forum to promote cooperation among its member municipalities. WestCOG can initiate and implement services and programs as authorized by its municipalities. WestCOG also advises the region on land use, economic, emergency, and environmental planning. WestCOG supports the region’s two Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). MPOs are federally-designated bodies responsible for transportation planning. MPOs are responsible for adopting long range transportation plans and endorsing federally funded transportation improvement projects.


WestCOG receives most of its funding from the federal government in support of its MPO transportation planning functions. This federal funding is supplemented by contributions from state and local sources. WestCOG also receives funding from state and local sources to perform its coordination and regional planning functions. Additional grants fund special projects supported by the region’s mayors and first selectmen.

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