Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP)

LOTCIP provides state funding for a variety of municipal transportation capital improvements, including: bridge rehabilitation and replacement; road reconstruction; intersection improvements; traffic signals; streetscapes; sidewalks; multi-use trails; and pedestrian bridges.  Projects must be located on roads classified as collector or arterial, however bridge projects with spans over 20 feet and transportation alternatives projects (typically bicycle and pedestrian improvements, such as multi-use trails) are exceptions.

The WestCOG region received at total of $41.2 million under this program in FY 2014-17, and $44.2 million is proposed for FY 2018-21.  A total of 25 Projects have been allocated funding in the WestCOG region under this program to date.

Current project allocations in the Housatonic Valley Region

Current project allocations in the South West Region

More information concerning the LOTCIP program is available on the CT DOT web page.

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