Transportation Studies

Stamford Bus & Shuttle Study

Logo_FullThe purpose of the Stamford Bus and Shuttle Study is to complete a comprehensive evaluation of current CTTransit operations, services, rates, future transit needs, and to develop service and investment alternatives and recommendations for an enhanced urban transit system in Stamford. The study will also evaluate the public and private shuttles that serve the Stamford Transportation Center (STC), their impacts on bus operations and traffic circulations in and around the STC and their governance. In support of the bus and shuttle study, an analysis of the transportation system network for vehicles and non-motorized users will be developed, and land use and development conditions and potential will be documented. Funding, organizational, and support opportunities will be identified.

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Stamford Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan

bikeThe purpose of the Stamford Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is to analyze and recommend ways to improve the safety, accessibility and mobility of bicyclists and pedestrians in Stamford. To support these efforts, a study technical advisory committee and community advisory committee will help identify existing challenges in the city and develop opportunities for improvement. Throughout the course of the study, the project team will also meet with city stakeholders and the public to better understand the city’s needs and create a vision for Stamford.

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Noroton Heights Station Area Study

WestCOG is currently working with the Town of Darien to study the Noroton Heights Station area. The main objective of this study is to evaluate access to the station, parking patterns, and opportunities for development around the station. To support these efforts, a Technical Advisory Committee will meet throughout the study to evaluate existing conditions and develop strategies for improvement. The project team will also meet with local stakeholders and the public to understand the community’s needs and interest in potential strategies. The final outcome of the study will present a series of physical and operational recommendations to enhance accessibility and functionality of the station area and support future development opportunities.

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Westport Rail Station Parking Study

WestportWestport RailWestport Rail Stations Parking Study Existing Conditions Report_Final August 2014The purpose of the study is to evaluate existing commuter parking facilities at and near the Westport and Green’s Farms rail stations in Westport; identify and asses potential improvements; and develop an implementation strategy. The study will be conducted in two phases. Phase one will provide a review of existing conditions, an analysis of issues and opportunities, the identification of alternatives, and the development of draft and final reports. Phase two will include, but not be limited to a more robust public outreach program, a financial and implementation plan, and more detailed renderings and analyses based on the outcome or preferred alternatives of Phase one.

Phase 1:

Phase 2:
Westport “Main to Train” Study
The purpose of this study is to identify improvements to vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian safety and circulation along Post Road East (Route 1) and Riverside Ave (Route 33) in order to create better connections between the commercial center of town and the Saugatuck train station, and to promote non-motorized transportation choices.
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Previous Transportation Studies

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