Western Connecticut Council of Governments

Environmental Planning

WestCOG’s environmental planning efforts cover a wide array of topics and services to assist communities to preserve natural resources, mitigate pollutants, address natural hazards, and improve quality of life. The work covers watersheds, water supply, flooding, draught, landuse & zoning strategies, waste management, and other environmental challenges. Environmental Planning is so far reaching many of the planning efforts are outlined across the foundational plans of WestCOG. See the POCD, MTP, CEDS, HMP for more details on WestCOG specific environmental strategies and recommendations.

In addition to planning efforts WestCOG also coordinates with environmental interest groups and relevant topics at the interest of WestCOG’s council members. Environmental Projects, Publications, and Resources are provided below. Any questions regarding WestCOG’s Environmental Planning activities can be directed to:

Mike Towle, Deputy Director


Wetlands Administration Report

WestCOG has published a Wetlands Administration Report titled “An Investigation of Inland Wetlands Commission Practices in Connecticut: Findings, Recommendations, and …

Solar Zoning Strategies

Solar Zoning Strategies The report provides a blueprint for developing solar-conscious land use practices to reduce dependence on fossil fuels …

Riparian Corridor Protections Zoning Strategies

Riparian Corridor Protections Zoning Strategies Following an explosion in scientific evidence pointing to the importance of riparian buffers as a …
Waste Management

Waste Management

Regional Waste Management Download – Regional Waste Managment Study Regional Waste Management Study Project Background Currently, municipalities in the region …

Flood Prevention Zoning Strategies

Flood Prevention Zoning Strategies The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires local governments to participate in a federal flood prevention …
Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance WestCOG offers a free winter maintenance training video to train public works staffers on considerations and best practices …