Western Connecticut Council of Governments

Emergency Planning

Special & Functional Needs Sheltering Planning Guide, 2016

The Housatonic Valley Region -Public Health Emergency Preparedness (HVR – PHEP) has completed its Special and Functioning Needs Sheltering Planning Guide. The Guide provides a framework for any municipality to improve sheltering for individuals requiring additional assistance. The next step for the HVR-PHEP is to create training materials for those who work in emergency sheltering.

Final Document

Housatonic Valley Region Mutual Aid Agreement for Emergency Response and Recovery Activities, 2010

HVCEO_emergency_mutual_aid_2010This landmark regional agreement endorsed by area leaders on June 17, 2010 was prepared at the request of municipalities to facilitate emergency responses.

Final Agreement

I-84 and Route 7 Expressway Emergency Diversion Plan, 2011

DiversionReportJanuary2011This study has been completed in cooperation with CT DEMHS, CT DOT, COGCNV and local emergency management officials. It will serve as a guide during expressway traffic emergencies

Final Report

Diversion Maps

Enhancing Public Health Emergency Mutual Aid in the Housatonic Valley Region, 2006

emergencyhealthmutualaid2006In 2003, HVCEO received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, administered through the CT Office of Emergency Management, for regional coordination of local emergency management planning activities. As part of this grant, a needs assessment was conducted which identified the updating and formalizing of Mutual Aid Agreements among the jurisdictions in the Housatonic Valley Region as a priority.

Final Report