Western Connecticut Council of Governments

Grant Service Feasibility Study

WestCOG is performing a feasibility study to explore options for grant services at the state and/or regional level to increase the amount of incoming federal grant funds.

For any questions and/or comments contact Jennifer Melo at jmelo@westcog.org | 475-323-2067


Even though Connecticut performs above the national average for competitive grant money acquisition, it has secured less competitive grant funding than most of its comparable peer states with similar geographic and economic contexts. Connecticut is the only state in the U.S. of which has consistently paid more to the federal government than we have received since 2015 (excluding COVID expenditures). The Rockefeller institute ranked Connecticut last among the fifty states for net received federal funds. When considering the amount Connecticut pays to the federal government compared to the amount received, Connecticut reveals itself to be the most disadvantageous state with the least amount of federal funding in the country. This feasibility study aims to explore Connecticut’s current grant services, identify the feasibility for various models for grant service programs, and provide suggestions to improve performance in securing discretionary grant funding.


  • A report on Connecticut’s current grant operations and interactions at the municipal, regional, and state level.
  • An inventory  of Connecticut’s grant departments, services, and resources.
  • A collection  of high performing  grant departments and managements systems in the United States, offering insights in best practices.
  • A list of recommendations and action steps for the state of Connecticut to amplify its grant services capabilities.