Western Connecticut Council of Governments

Regional Services

WestCOG’s active regional services. Which include:

  • Regional Viewer
  • Regional Public Safety
  • Regional Waste Management
  • Regional Animal Control
  • Municipal Services Modernization
  • Archived Regional Services

Regional Viewer

WestCOG developed and deployed an interactive, online regional GIS viewer. The viewer maps parcels in conjunction with other layers of interest to municipalities, businesses, and the public. Viewer functions include map design, abutter property selection, layering of planning datasets such as zoning, flood zones, impervious cover, building footprints, tree canopy, and current and historical aerial imagery (2019, 2018, 2016, 2012, and 1990 imagery is available for viewing), as well as a link to property cards. The parcel and property data are set to be updated at least annually. The viewer can also stand in for or substitute for a municipal GIS viewer.

WestCOG’s Regional Viewer – Published January 2020

Regional Public Safety Study

WestCOG evaluated current conditions and opportunities for intermunicipal sharing in the areas of in police, fire, and EMS services and in New Canaan, Ridgefield, Redding, Wilton, and Weston. The study, which had strong participation by all local departments, identified several opportunities for service improvements and made recommendations for enhanced municipal cooperation. These include the interconnection of existing public safety answering points, dispatch, and data systems or the creation of a new, shared virtual PSAP/dispatch, as well as training facility sharing.

Public Safety – Current Situation Report – Published February 2020
Public Safety – Recommendations Report – Published June 2020

Regional Waste Management

WestCOG launched a study of regional opportunities in waste management. The project, which includes development of an implementation plan, is anticipated to finish in 2021.

Regional Animal Control

WestCOG launched a study of regional opportunities in animal control, both facilities and services. The project is anticipated to finish in 2021.

Municipal Services Modernization Study

WestCOG is comprehensively evaluating opportunities for cost savings and service improvements in local government through regional sharing, consolidation, and of municipal processes. A regionwide, multidepartmental survey identified focus areas including connected paperless workflows, cybersecurity, technical assistance and training, and electronic payments and regional processing. Project outputs include cost benefit analyses, recommendations, and implementation strategies for selected services. The project will be complete by the end of December 2020.

Completed Regional Services

Winter Maintenance Guide

This winter maintenance best practices guide has been prepared for the Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WestCOG) municipalities. The best practices presented herein are intended to serve as guidelines and should not be construed as appropriate for all applications, road conditions, or winter storm events. Each decision related to winter maintenance operations is specific to the weather, roadway conditions, traffic, time of day, available resources, and equipment. It is the experience, discretion, and resourcefulness of public works professionals that make it possible to
maintain passable and safe road networks in the face of the harsh New England weather.