Regional Services & Working Groups

These are not all of the regional services WestCOG provides. Please check back later for continual updates, or contact us for more information.

Planners Lunch 2Planners’ Lunch

The Planners’ Lunch enables planning, land use, zoning, and other municipal staff to share ideas, collaborate, and build stronger relationships with each other and with WestCOG.


Land Use Referrals

Connecticut General Statutes specify procedural requirements to be utilized by municipal planning and zoning commissions for submitting referrals to the state’s nine councils of governments, one of which is WestCOG.


financial-equalization-1015309_960_720Western CT Economic Advisory Group

WestCOG has begun creating a new unified CEDS for our new unified region. Per EDA requirements, WestCOG has called together stakeholders to create the Western CT Economic Advisory Group (WCEAG).

Overdose RateWestCOG Drug Task Force

The WestCOG Drug Task Force is a group of professionals and stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds who meet regularly and discuss strategies for combating the rise in heroin/opiate overdose deaths and abuse.


Computer_lab_icon.svgIT Working Group

Regional IT Working Group meetings enable IT personnel to network, discuss the latest tech and the possibilities for cooperation when purchasing new hardware and software.


Regional GIS Group

The WestCOG Regional GIS Group meets periodically to discuss GIS training, data, mapping, and analytic issues. In addition, it is a forum for informal discussions between area professionals to share ideas, improve skills, and develop relationships.


CCACoastal Corridor Alliance

The Coastal Corridor Alliance (CCA) focuses on transportation and regional planning topics of importance to the communities on the Coastal Corridor between New Haven and New York City. Together, we can more effectively elevate the concerns of our corridor to state and national importance.


111101_LPL_DMLT_ticks_sign_horizontal_025WestCOG Tick Illness Prevention

To enhance local efforts, municipalities in the Region are funding a tick illness prevention service. Regional education and communication will more efficiently address the dangers of Lyme Disease and the other illnesses associated with ticks.


hiking-43879_960_720 Ives Trail Greenway

The City of Danbury led the development of the Ives Trail Greenway, a regional trail that links open spaces in Bethel, Danbury, Redding and Ridgefield. WestCOG is pleased to provide web hosting for the Ives Trail.

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