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South Western Region ITS Strategic Plan

South Western Region ITS Strategic Plan

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Sponsor: South Western Regional Planning Agency

Prime Consultant: Cambridge Systematics

Subcontractors: IBI GroupHoward-Stein/Hudson Associates


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South Western Region Transportation Improvement Program

2021-2024 TIP Public Comment Process Has Begun!
HVMPO TIP Public Comment Process
SWRMPO TIP Public Comment Process

South Western Region Transportation Improvement Program

The SWRMPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a financially-constrained list of all highway and public transit projects proposed to be undertaken utilizing federal funding, requiring federal approval, or of regional significance over a four-year period within the SWRMPO region.

2018-2021 TIP

The SWRMPO 2018-2021 TIP was endorsed by the MPO on August 17th 2017 and was approved by the FTA and FHWA on October 19th, 2017, as part of the larger STIP.

Statewide TIP

The SWRMPO TIP makes up a part of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).  USDOT and EPA approved the 2018-2021 STIP and Air Quality Conformity Documents on October 19, 2017

More information on the 2018-2021 STIP, 2018 Multi-Regional Approval Projects, 2018 Bridge Report, 2018 Safety Report, Air Quality Conformity, and the 2015-2018 STIP can be found here.


Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

WestCOG’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provides support to the HVMPO, SWRMPO, and COG. The TAG consists of town planners, town engineers, public works officials, transit district representatives, and COG staff. The technical committee reviews and evaluates proposals, and makes recommendations, which are then submitted to the appropriate policy board.

Meetings & Minutes

Minutes provide a detailed summary of the actions taken at meetings of the Transportation Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Minutes must be approved by the pertinent board before they are posted here.

2020 Schedule of TAG Meetings

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Meeting Date Minutes Agenda
01-12-2021 Interim MinutesAgenda
12-08-2020 Minutes Agenda
11-10-2020 MinutesAgenda
09-29-2020 MinutesAgenda
09-08-2020 MinutesAgenda
08-18-2020 MinutesAgenda
07-09-2020 MinutesAgenda
06-09-2020 Minutes Agenda
05-12-2020 MinutesAgenda
04-08-2020 Minutes Agenda
03-10-2020 Minutes Agenda
02-05-2020 Minutes Agenda
01-08-2020 Minutes Agenda
12-10-2019 Minutes Agenda
11-12-2019 Minutes Agenda
10-08-2019 Minutes Agenda
09-10-2019 MinutesAgenda
07-30-2019 Cancelled Cancelled
07-09-2019 MinutesAgenda
06-11-2019 MinutesAgenda
04-30-2019 MinutesAgenda
04-09-2019 MinutesAgenda
03-12-2019 MinutesAgenda
02-12-2019 MinutesAgenda
01-08-2019 MinutesAgenda
11-27-2018 MinutesAgenda
10-30-2018 MinutesAgenda
10-02-2018 Canceled Canceled
09-12-2018 MinutesAgenda
07-31-2018 MinutesAgenda
07-02-2018 MinutesAgenda
06-05-2018 MinutesAgenda
05-01-2018 MinutesAgenda
04-03-2018 MinutesAgenda
03-06-2018 MinutesAgenda
01-30-2018 MinutesAgenda
01-09-2018 Canceled Canceled
12-05-2017 MinutesAgenda
11-07-2017 MinutesAgenda
09-06-2017 MinutesAgenda
08-01-2017 MinutesAgenda
07-11-2017 Canceled Canceled
06-06-2017 MinutesAgenda
05-02-2017 MinutesAgenda
04-04-2017 MinutesAgenda
03-07-2017 MinutesAgenda
01-11-2017 MinutesAgenda
12-06-2016 MinutesAgenda
10-06-2016 MinutesAgenda
09-14-2016 MinutesAgenda
07-12-2016 MinutesAgenda
06-07-2016 MinutesAgenda
04-05-2016 MinutesAgenda
03-01-2016 MinutesAgenda
02-02-2016 MinutesAgenda
01-13-2016 MinutesAgenda
10-06-2015 Minutes
06-30-2015 Minutes
05-05-2015 Minutes
04-06-2015 Minutes
01-06-2015 Minutes
11-17-2014 Minutes
10-08-2014 Minutes
09-09-2014 Minutes
06-11-2014 Minutes
05-06-2014 Minutes
04-08-2014 Minutes