Housatonic Valley Transportation Improvement Program


The HVMPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a financially-constrained list of all highway and public transit projects proposed to be undertaken utilizing federal funding, requiring federal approval, or of regional significance over a four-year period within the HVMPO region.

2018-2021 Program

The HVMPO 2018-2021 TIP was endorsed by the MPO on August 17th 2017 and was approved by the FTA and FHWA on October 19th, 2017, as part of the larger STIP.

2015 – 2018 Program

The 2015-2018 TIP, the current active TIP, was endorsed by the HVMPO on October 23, 2014 following a public comment period, and approved by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on January 21, 2015, as part of the larger STIP.

2015-2018 Documents


Statewide TIP

The HVMPO TIP makes up a part of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).  The 2018-2021 STIP and Air Quality Conformity Documents for Ozone and PM2.5 are awaiting federal approval.

More information on the 2018-2021 STIP, 2018 Multi-Regional Approval Projects, 2018 Bridge Report, 2018 Safety Report, Air Quality Conformity, and the 2015-2018 STIP can be found here.

Information on the 2015 – 2018 STIP can be found by scrolling down this page.

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