Western Connecticut Council of Governments

Economic Planning

WestCOG’s economic planning efforts include the coordination of the Western Connecticut Economic Development District (WCEDD), as well as updating, maintaining, and implementing our Region’s Economic Plan. Through the implementation of the Economic Plan WestCOG has engaged in numerous projects to help foster the economic development and resilience for Western Connecticut. The Economic Plan, WCEDD, and economic projects are outlined in more detail below. Any questions regarding WestCOG’s Economic Planning activities can be directed to:

Betsy Paynter, Project Manager

WestCOG’s Economic Plan

Western Connecticut Council of Governments’ (WestCOG) Economic Plan also serves as the 2023-2028 Connecticut Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS), which is a five-year regional economic development plan for the Western Connecticut Economic Development District (WCEDD) and supplants the 2017-2022 CEDS.

The CEDS acts as a ‘playbook’ to guide regional collaboration, expand opportunities, secure resources, and bolster resiliency in the face of economic disruptions whether they be driven by the market, climate, disease, or something else altogether.

Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WCEDD)

The WCEDD and its council follows requirements set by the EDA to ensure a representative cross section of economic stakeholders within the District. The WCEDD provides guidance on the CEDS, recommendations for the WestCOG Council, and reviews EDA grant requests within the District. The WCEDD Council is made up of public officials, community leaders, business organizations, and others to assure diverse experience and representation.

WCEDD Council Meetings are scheduled quarterly, see upcoming dates on the WestCOG Meetings page or sign up for the WestCG Newsletter to be privy to upcoming meetings.

Economic Development Projects


Broadband Feasibility Studies The Broadband Feasibility Studies were designed to assist municipalities to understand the operational implications, important risk factors, …

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing The State of Connecticut mandates every municipality to develop an affordable housing plan under C.G.S. §8-30j by June …

Wireless Telecommunications

Wireless Telecommunications WestCOG explored landuse planning regarding wireless telecommunications by convening a taskforce which led to the development of a …


Demographics WestCOG has been busy studying housing and demographics in the region lately and in response to this has created …