First Road Safety Audit in Brookfield
First Road Safety Audit in Brookfield

First Road Safety Audit in Brookfield

The first CTDOT Community Connectivity Road Safety Audit (RSA) was held in Brookfield on May 10. First Selectman, Stephen Dunn, and Brookfield municipal staff participated in the RSA with WestCOG and CTDOT. Brookfield was awarded an RSA for the Route 202/Federal Road corridor between the “4 Corners” intersection and south to the Still River Trail Head.

Brookfield First Selectman, Steve Dunn, discusses project details with the RSA team.


“An RSA is a process that identifies safety issues and counter-measures to help improve safety and reduce vehicle crashes. An RSA is an innovative tool that documents factors that can help or hinder safe bike/ped travel. Some of these factors include, but are not limited to: shoulder width; sidewalk width/condition; pavement markings; traffic volume; on-road parking locations; presence of bicycle lanes; traffic signalization; topography; drainage; and sightlines.

Brookfield Public Works Director, Ralph Tedesco, and WestCOG Senior Planner, Rob Sachnin, discuss access to the Still River Trail.


The RSA will provide consultant assistance to cities and towns to conduct road safety audits for important bike and pedestrian corridors/intersections. RSA’s will identify bike/ped needs, and develop recommendations to improve conditions. Typically there are low-cost recommendations that can be implemented in the short term, and higher-cost recommendations that can be done over the longer term.

IMG_4737 RSA
The group explores opportunities to increase bicycle and pedestrian connectivity, including potential crosswalks. Major Purcell identifies a key pedestrian “deployment” location at the junction with Rt. 202/Federal Road.


Upon completion of the RSA, each participating municipality will be provided with a report detailing the documented safety concerns, RSA results and individualized short-term and long-term recommendations for safety improvements.”  — Community Connectivity Program

Northern entrance to the recently completed section of Still River Trail/Greenway at Rt. 202/Federal Road. The Still River Greenway is the fruition of over 15 years of work in Brookfield.

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