Regional Animal Control
Regional Animal Control

Regional Animal Control

Regional Animal Control

WestCOG, in partnership with RFA llc developed the Regional Animal Control Study to explore existing conditions and provide recommendations informed on collected data. Recommendations look at options for facility sharing, animal control operations, and animal control policies.

WestCOG’s Regional Animal Control Study released 9/24/2022

WestCOG will be working with interested WestCOG member municipalities to implement. Contact Mike Towle, Deputy Director at WestCOG with any questions. | 475.323.2064

What was the impetus for this study?

The state of CT provided funding for the COGs to study and develop potential regional services that can assist and serve local governments. WestCOG’s council identified animal control services, among others, for WestCOG to explore regional opportunities. WestCOG then created a project committee (made up of animal control officers, municipal staff, and municipal leaders) and issued an RFP to identify consultants to perform the study. RF&A LLC was selected.

Regional Animal Control Study Committee

The committee selected the consultant and provided guidance on the projects development. Committee members included:

  • Allyson Halm – Animal Control Officer of New Canaan
  • Curtis Read – First Selectman of Bridgewater
  • Chris Muir – Animal Control Officer of Wilton
  • Elisa Etcheto – Executive Assistant for the City of Danbury
  • Mike Towle – Deputy Director at WestCOG