Broadband Feasibility Studies

The Broadband Feasibility Studies were designed to assist municipalities to understand the operational implications, important risk factors, and a realistic cost framework for developing and operating a Town-owned fiber optic infrastructure. Studies are underway for the municipalities of Ridgefield, New Fairfield, Brookfield, and a modified study for Wilton. The Ridgefield study is currently available. The hope is that the findings in these pilot studies can be applicable to additional communities in the WestCOG Region as well.


In the delivery of Broadband Feasibility Studies for municipalities in the WestCOG Region the following goals drove the planning process

  • Speed. Significantly increase the speed and reliability of internet services.
  • Cost. Lower the cost of internet access for both residents and businesses.
  • Choice. Increase competition between internet service providers (ISP) that allow residents and businesses choice for their internet service.
  • Modernize. Build a state of teh art network that will improve economic development and foster innovation.
  • Synergize. Leverage the network for existing municipal services such as education, healthcare, public safety, transportation, and communications.