Western Connecticut Council of Governments

Flood Mitigation Assistance Program

The heightened intensity of storm events has led to an increase in property damages, particularly in coastal areas and along waterways.  In an effort to reduce the vulnerability of communities to climate change effects, federal funding programs related to damages/losses have been expanded.  However, resource limitations at the local, regional and state levels can hinder or prevent grant funding from reaching communities in need.

As a service to our municipalities, WestCOG contracted with Dewberry Engineers, Inc. to establish a Flood Mitigation and Project Management Assistance Program.  This Program is offering technical assistance to municipalities and property owners in participating WestCOG communities. 

Flood Resilience Support Services

On February 22nd 2023 WestCOG staff along with the Westport Fire Chief and Dewberry Associates held a public information meeting for affected property owners and municipalities at the Westport Town Hall. To view the presentation and learn more about the program, please click on the button below.

Up Next

WestCOG is administering this Program in close cooperation with its member communities.  Ongoing activities will include dissemination of information on the federal programs to the public.  Depending upon demand, the program has been designed to be flexible and has been extended beyond the first year. For more information, contact Todd Fontanella at WestCOG by phone at (475) 323-2076 or by email at tfontanella@westcog.org.  

List of Services

  • developing and implementing strategies to maximize federal and state assistance;
  • prioritizing strategies with greatest benefit and relevance to flood hazard risks unique to WestCOG region municipalities;
  • providing grant application grant maintenance/reporting and grant closeout services related to mitigation projects and recovery from disaster for submittal to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and CT Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS);
  • representing WestCOG and its members vis-à-vis FEMA, DEMHS, and other agencies as may be necessary;
  • working to resolve disputes with FEMA, DEMHS, and other agencies and contractors as may be necessary, including but not limited to the preparation of appeals, and
  • supporting implementation of WestCOG’s Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance

On October 27th 2022 WestCOG and and Dewberry Engineers hosted an evening workshop for affected property owners to educate them about the available funding programs and assist them with the grant process.

Public Workshop

On October 27th WestCOG and Dewberry Consultants held a workshop for affected homeowners. The video of the meeting may be viewed below.