Western Connecticut Council of Governments

Public Safety

WestCOG is working with CEOs, Public Safety Officials, and Winbourne Consulting Services to explore options for improved Public Safety Services. After completing a Public Safety Feasibility Study in 2020 WestCOG is now focusing on the implementation of a regional firing range. Below is a summary of current activities.

Regional Firing Range Project Blue Print v20

The firing Range Blue Print is a dynamic document being used to navigate the implementation process which includes.

  • Project Schedule
  • Planning and Design
  • Facility Cost
  • Governance
  • Current Range Utilization
  • Facility Location
  • Survey Data
  • Project FAQ

This document will continue to change and become more detailed as the process unfolds.

Proposed comments, additions, and edits regarding this document can be sent to Mike Towle at mtowle@westcog.org

Strategic Goals

Strategic objectives lay a clear set of targets regarding what this project aims to accomplish.

  1. Regional Firing Range. Fully functional police firearms training facility that provides an efficient and effective solution for Western Connecticut law enforcement departments to complete mandated State of Connecticut firearms qualification and training sessions as well as a multipurpose training room for defensive tactics, less lethal use of force, and classroom space.
  2. Economies of Scale. A firing range solution that via economies of scale is a cost-effective solution to ensure law enforcement personnel are properly trained and certified with department firearms.
  3. Maximize Access. A police firearms training facility that allows for year-round access, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  4. Minimize Public Impact. A firing range solution that minimizes public impact for noise, environmental effects, and safety.
  5. Rifle Capable. A firing range solution that provides the ability to qualify and train personnel for multiple types of weapons including department issued firearms – handgun, shotgun and patrol rifle up to 5.56-millimeter ammunition capability.
  6. Interagency Agreement. Implementation of an effective, integrated, multi-jurisdictional public safety agreement that will achieve collaboration, cooperation, and communication between all the agencies.
  7. Operations Plan. Clearly defined Operations Plan regarding the management of a police firearms training facility.

Firearm Training Facility Project Committee

This project committee is designed to provide guidance and context for the development of the Regional Firing Range RPIP grant application. Members include.

  • Chief David Kullgren, Newtown Police
  • Captain Bishop, Newtown Police
  • Captain Nicholas Fowler, Ridgefield Police
  • Captain Thomas Conlan, Wilton Police
  • Wilton Firearms Personnel (Contact Pending)
  • Staff Corporal Charles Carr, Westport Police

Previous Reports


  1. Who makes the final decision on where the range will be located or size of the range? The project council will finalize this; however, communities are not beholden by any contract to participate.
  2. Who makes the final decision on what will be included in the state grant? The project council will ultimately figure out the size and specs for the firing range. Status on the grant and range specs will be shared regularly on WestCOG’s project page and email updates on project status will be sent to this email group and whoever else joins the mailing list. Comments can be provided as well for council consideration.
  3. What is Plan B if WestCOG does not receive the state grant? If WestCOG does not win this grant, we would have resolved a lot of the specs and scoping for the project. Investment from communities or by donations would be the remaining options. The charitable donations could be managed through WestCOG Foundation. We’d make a public safety branch of the foundation and prepare a case for potential donors.
  4. What level of commitment from the town and department leadership from this meeting? This meeting we collect verbal commitment to be involved. For the grant we are looking for letters of support that explain the community is committed and invested in the success for the firing range(s) through technical support, and funding. These letters of support will be needed before the grant is submitted on 6/2/2022 but by 4/29/2022 would be preferable, then we can know who is in as we finalize specs. Mike Towle and members of the project council will follow up with communities to collect these letters.
  5. How do we handle more communities joining? Communities have until 4/29/2022 to express an interest in participating to be considered for site planning.