Regional Public Safety

WestCOG is working with CEOs, Public Safety Officials, and Winbourne Consulting Services to explore options for improved Public Safety Services. After completing a Public Safety Feasibility Study in 2020 WestCOG is now focusing on implementation. Below is a summary of current and historic activities.

Public Safety Implementation Planning

Based on the findings from the Public Safety Recommendations Report and discussions/surveys with the COG Member communities, WestCOG has developed working groups to address two topics of interest in the sector of Public Safety:

  • PSAP/Dispatch & Data management
  • Firing Range/Training Facility

These working groups are looking to understand of these recommended strategies for PSAP/Dispatch and Training Facilities what approaches will work and how they can be implemented. Ultimately the deliverables will include an Implementation Plan and Cost Benefit Analyses necessary for communities to make informed decisions. Implementation Plans are expected for December 2020.

📜 PSAP/Dispatch & Data Management WG Objectives
📜 Firing Range & Training Facility WG Objectives

CAD/RMS Request for Information

WestCOG plans on scheduling demonstrations from four CAD/RMS vendors in early December. Particpants within the Working Group may request copies from WestCOG for the following Vendors:

  • Nexgen
  • Accucom
  • CentralSquare
  • Tyler Technologies

Public Safety Recommendations Report

WestCOG evaluated current conditions and opportunities for intermunicipal sharing in the areas of in police, fire, and EMS services and in New Canaan, Ridgefield, Redding, Wilton, and Weston. The study, which had strong participation by all local departments, identified several opportunities for service improvements and made recommendations for enhanced municipal cooperation. These include the interconnection of existing public safety answering points, dispatch, and data systems or the creation of a new, shared virtual PSAP/dispatch, as well as training facility sharing.

Public Safety – Current Situation Report – Feb. 2020
Public Safety – Recommendations Report – June 2020