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Ives Trail Greenway


WestCOG is pleased to provide web hosting for the Ives Trail.
Use this email to reach the Ives Trail Committee:
ivestrl@yahoo.com or visit them on Facebook.

The City of Danbury Connecticut led the development of the Ives Trail Greenway, a regional trail that links open spaces in Bethel, Danbury, Redding and Ridgefield, Connecticut.


The trail extends twenty miles, from Redding Open Space to Terre Haute in Bethel, northwesterly to Rogers Park in Danbury, past the Charles Ives Homestead, and then southerly through Tarrywile Park.

It then continues southwesterly across Route 7 and through Wooster Mountain State Park to the existing trail systems in Ridgefield’s Bennetts Pond Park and Pine Mountain Park.


Ives Trail map looking south. Courtesy of Rick DeWitt


The Ives Trail is named in honor of Charles E. Ives. Born in Danbury in 1874, Ives is noted for his original classical compositions, winning the Pulitzer prize in 1947 for his Symphony Number 3. Danbury’s Ives has the significant distinction of being Connecticut’s state composer.

The Ives Trail Committee has carefully planned a trail that protects sensitive environmental areas. In consultation with The National Park Service and The Conway School of Landscape Design, a management and maintenance plan for the trail has been prepared. Local conservation groups, the City of Danbury and Towns of Bethel, Redding and Ridgefield are strong supporters of this greenway.

The Ives Trail & Regional Greenway Association has received Tax Exempt 501 (c ) 3 status from the IRS. You can support the trail using the button below.


The trail has been completed although parts need further work. The main portion officially opened on June 3, 2006, National Trails Day, when 19 persons became the first to hike the entire trail.

A second group hike was held on June 5, 2010. Here is a description of that hike, its landmarks and scenery.

Hiking enthusiasts who have completed the Ives Trail from start to finish can apply for a commemorative patch suitable for affixing to a jacket, backpack, or hat, and any one can purchase Ives Trail t-shirts at Tarrywile Mansion.

Please be aware that the trail traverses some difficult and rugged terrain. If you encounter terrain which is beyond your ability, please turn back. Those who use the Ives Trail do so at their own risk.

Parts of the trail are open to mountain bikes and horses, but by easement agreements some sections are not open to them. The trail is not open to any motorized use.

Regional Planning

Regional Planning

WestCOG is developing regional services and planning to better serve its member communities. Below is a listing of the reports and regional planning projects active in the region.

Regional Planning Annual Reports

Plan of Conservation and Development

The 2020-2030 Western Connecticut Regional Plan of Conservation and Development was prepared in compliance with Section 8-35a of the Connecticut General Statutes.  More information can be found on the plan page.

Residential Segregation by Race Analysis

Recent events in the US have driven a push within Connecticut to reexamine our state’s patterns of residential land use. The state of Connecticut, and the Fairfield County area specifically, have been cited in this discourse as among the most racially segregated areas in the country. This diagnosis should be received with significant concern, as the lived impacts of residential segregation have been well-documented in academic literature. WestCOG performed an analysis to understand the data behind these issues.

Affordable Housing: By the Numbers

WestCOG hosted a featured presentation “Affordable Housing: By the Numbers” by Donald J. Poland, PhD, AICP. Dr. Poland shared his research and findings on the economics and polices affecting affordable housing in the state of Connecticut on July 16th, 2020. The presentation slides and video are available for your review.

Land Use Referrals

State law requires municipal planning and zoning commissions to forward many proposed land use decisions to one or more regional Councils of Governments (COGs) for review through a process called “referral.” More information and instruction is provided in the referrals guidance page.

Land Use Planning for Wireless Telecommunications Task Force

WestCOG is working with its member municipalities to create a coordinated land use development strategy that addresses the elements of wireless telecommunications that fall within a municipality’s jurisdiction.  Resources and task force developments can be found on the task force web page.

Regional Viewer

The Regional Viewer showcases WestCOG regional datasets which includes parcel, assessor, transportation, landuse, environmental, and topographical data. Learn more on WestCOG Regional Viewer Information Page.

Public Safety Study

A five town study (Weston, Wilton, New Canaan, Redding, Ridgefield) was completed for WestCOG reviewing opportunities to find efficiency, savings, and service improvements through rationalization. The study reviewed a variety of potential topics such as PSAP/Dispatch, Data Management, Property and Evidence, Intake/Detention/Lockup, and Training Facilities.

Winter Maintenance Study 

WestCOG, in cooperation with each member municipality, completed a winter maintenance study in September 2018. The focus of this study was to determine potential efficiencies in snowstorm response methods, to provide municipalities with guidance in the best management practices of salt and chlorine products and to develop snowstorm response planning and operations guides. The reports produced from this study can be found on our publications page here and here