Regional Firearm Training Facility
Regional Firearm Training Facility

Regional Firearm Training Facility

Regional Firearm Training Facility

WestCOG received a Regional Performance Incentive Program (RPIP) grant of $1,500,000 to develop a shared Firearm Training Facility for Public Safety Officials. An implementation plan, working group, and project council was developed to facilitate this project’s process. An update to the COG will be provided at the November 2023 meeting.

The Firearm Training Facility Implementation Plan is a dynamic document, updated as the Project Council and Working Group provide context and decisions. The document provides the process to implement a shared training facility. Components of the plan include

  • Project Schedule
  • Planning and Design
  • Facility Cost
  • Governance
  • Current Range Utilization
  • Facility Location
  • Survey Data
  • Project FAQ

Proposed comments, additions, and edits regarding this document can be sent to Mike Towle at

Firearm Training Facility Project Council

The project council takes the recommendations of the working group while also defining the governance structure and develops a proposal for the COG to vote on. The project council is made up of COG council members or appointed representatives. Members include.

  • Dan Rosenthal, Newtown, First Selectman
  • Julia Pemberton, Redding First Selectwoman
  • Dan Carter, Bethel, First Selectman
  • Lynne Vanderslice, Wilton First Selectman
  • Jim Palen, Darien, BOF Chair
  • Rudy Marconi, Ridgefield, First Selectman
  • Tara Carr, Brookfield, First Selectwoman
  • Curtis Read, Bridgewater, First Selectman

Firearm Training Facility Working Group

The working group is designed to provide guidance and context for the development of the implementation plan and RPIP grant application. Members include.

  • Chief David Kullgren, Newtown Police
  • Captain Bishop, Newtown Police
  • Captain Nicholas Fowler, Ridgefield Police
  • Captain Thomas Conlan, Wilton Police
  • Wilton Firearms Personnel (Contact Pending)
  • Staff Corporal Charles Carr, Westport Police

Additional Resources

The impetus for this project was derived from a Regional Public Safety Studies which reviewed a variety of public safety project concepts for the region.