Western Connecticut Regional Affordable Housing Plan

The plan is now under edits following the public comment period. The release of the updated plan is expected in June.

The Western Connecticut Council of Governments is writing a plan for how to increase the affordable housing in the region. The municipal annexes are provided below.

Regional Affordable Housing Plan

Western Connecticut Regional Affordable Housing Plan is written as a toolbox for municipalities to reference when creating an Affordable Housing Plan to satisfy statutory requirements.  The Plan reviews the common challenges municipalities in the region face when constructing affordable housing such as the regional housing and employment markets, transportation and infrastructure limitations, and the economics of land availability. It has a comprehensive housing needs assessment and zoning assessment done using a consistent approach for all eighteen municipalities.  It also contains resources for increasing affordable housing through zoning regulations, subdivision regulations and financing options. 

The plan is expected to become available in June 2022.

Municipal Annexes

Municipalities that have not already initiated their own municipal affordable housing plans or whose plans are now out of date have a specific annex that specifically lays out the strategies they intend to use to increase affordable housing in the next five years.  Municipal Housing Teams worked directly with WestCOG to write an affordable housing plan to meet the requirements under Section 8-30j of the Connecticut General Statutes.  They include town-specific history relating to affordable housing, a breakdown of the type of affordable housing available in town, how many cost-burdened household there are in town and the municipal specific strategies to increase affordable housing.

Public Comment

The public comment period from March 21, 2022, to April 20, 2022 has been concluded. The expected release is anticipated in June. For future updates regarding the Regional Affordable Housing Plan consider joining the WestCOG Newsletter.

See below for a recording of the March 30th public meeting.

Public Meeting Videos

March 30th Meeting.