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Housatonic Valley Transportation Improvement Program

Housatonic Valley Transportation Improvement Program

The Housatonic Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (HVMPO) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a financially-constrained list of all highway and public transit projects proposed to be undertaken utilizing federal funding, requiring federal approval, or of regional significance over a four year period within the HVMPO.

2021-2024 Program

The HVMPO 2021-2024 TIP was endorsed by the MPO on October 15, 2020 and was approved by the FTA, FHWA, and EPA on January 26, 2021 as part of the larger Statewide TIP.  

Statewide TIP and Air Quality Conformity

The HVMPO TIP is part of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP).

See the STIP Website For more information on the 2021-2024 STIP, Air Quality Conformity Determination Reports, 2021 Multi-Regional Approval projects, as well as the Bridge and Safety Reports.

Language Assistance

ENGLISH: For language assistance or other accommodations, contact Western Connecticut Council of Governments at least five business days prior to the meeting at help@westcog.org.

ESPAÑOL: Para asistencia con el idioma y otras adaptaciones, por favor póngase en contacto con WestCOG por lo menos cinco días hábiles antes de la reunión al help@westcog.org.

PORTUGUÊS: Para obter assistência língua ou outras acomodações, entre em contato com WestCOG pelo menos cinco dias úteis antes da reunião em help@westcog.org.

FRANÇAIS: Pour obtenir de l’aide linguistique ou d’autres mesures d’adaptation, contactez WestCOG au moins cinq jours ouvrables avant la réunion à help@westcog.org.

POLSKI: W przypadku pomocy językowej lub innej pomocy, skontaktuj się z WestCOG co najmniej pięć dni roboczych przed wydarzeniem w help@westcog.org


Housatonic Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Housatonic Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (HVMPO) is the federally mandated organization designated by the Governor as the forum for cooperative transportation decision-making.

Voting Members

Chairman: Rudy Marconi, First Selectman, Town of Ridgefield
Vice Chairman: Julia Pemberton, First Selectman, Town of Redding
Dan Carter, First Selectman, Town of Bethel
Curtis Read, First Selectman, Town of Bridgewater
Tara Carr, First Selectman, Town of Brookfield
Dean Esposito, Mayor, City of Danbury
Peter Bass, Mayor, Town of New Milford
Pat Del Monaco, First Selectman, Town of New Fairfield
Daniel Rosenthal, First Selectman, Town of Newtown
Don Lowe, First Selectman, Town of Sherman
Richard Schreiner, HARTransit

Meetings & Minutes

Minutes provide a detailed summary of the actions taken at meetings of the Housatonic Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (HVMPO). Minutes must be approved by the pertinent board before they are posted here.
The draft minutes of HVMPO meetings will be available to the public in WestCOG’s office within seven days of a meeting. Please visit WestCOG’s office to obtain voting summaries.
Copies of the agendas and minutes are provided in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF). If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download this FREE software from Adobe. You may then view or print the document.

To receive meeting agendas in your inbox, sign up here.

Meeting Date Document Agenda
03.19.2015 Minutes
02.19.2015 Minutes
03.19.2015 Minutes
04.16.2015 Minutes
05.21.2015 Minutes
06.25.2015 Minutes
07.16.2015 Minutes
11.19.2015 Minutes
01.21.2016 Minutes
02.18.2016 MinutesAgenda
03.17.2016 MinutesAgenda
04.21.2016 MinutesAgenda
05.19.2016 MinutesAgenda
06.16.2016 MinutesAgenda
08.12.2016 MinutesAgenda
10.20.2016 MinutesAgenda
11.17.2016 MinutesAgenda
12.15.2016 MinutesAgenda
01.23.2017 MinutesCOG/MPO Agenda
02.23.2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
03.16.2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
04.20.2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
05.18.2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
06.15.2017 MinutesAmended MPO Agenda
07.20.2017 Canceled Canceled
08.17.2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
10.05.2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
11.16.2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
12.14.2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
01.18.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
02.15.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
03.15.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
04.19.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
05.17.2018 Canceled Canceled
05.22.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
06.21.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
07.19.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
08.16.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
09.27.2018 Canceled Canceled
10.18.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
11.15.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
12.13.2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
01.17.2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
02.28.2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
03.21.2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
04.18.2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
05.16.2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
06.25.2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
07.19.2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
08.15.2019 Cancelled Cancelled
09.19.2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
10.17.2019 Minutes MPO Agenda
11.21.2019 Cancelled
12.19.2019 Minutes MPO Agenda
01.16.2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
02.13.2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
03.19.2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
04.23.2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
05.21.2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
06.18.2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
07.23.2020 MPO Meeting - Canceled
08.20.2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
09.17.2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
10.15.2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
11.19.2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
12.17.2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
01.21.2021 MinutesMPO Agenda
02.18.2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
03.18.2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
04.22.2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
05.20.2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
06.17.2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
08.19.2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
09.23.2021 MinutesMPO Agenda
10.21.2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
11.18.2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
12.15.2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
01.20.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
02.17.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
03.17.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
04.21.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
05.31.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
06.16.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
07.21.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
08.18.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
09.22.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
10.20.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
11.30.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
12.15.2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
01.19.2023 Minutes MPO Agenda
02.16.2023 Minutes MPO Agenda
03.16.2023 Interim Minutes MPO Agenda


*Compliance with: Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act of
1990 (ADA), Executive Order 13166 “Improving Access to Services for persons with Limited English Proficiency and Executive Order 12898 “Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations”

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South Western Region Metropolitan Planning Organization

The South Western Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is the federally mandated organization designated by the Governor as the forum for cooperative transportation decision-making.

Voting Members

Chairman: Lynne Vanderslice, First Selectman, Town of Wilton
Vice Chair: Kevin Moynihan, First Selectman, Town of New Canaan
Monica Mc Nally, First Selectman, Town of Darien
Fred Camillo, First Selectman, Town of Greenwich
Harry Rilling, Mayor, City of Norwalk
Caroline Simmons, Mayor, City of Stamford
Jennifer Tooker First Selectman, Town of Westport
Samantha Nestor, First Selectman, Town of Weston
Matt Pentz, CEO, Norwalk Transit District* and Barry Diggs, Director of Rapid Transit & Zero Emissions Programs at CTransit *and MPO Transit Representatives each having one-half a vote
*NTD, as MPO Transit Representative, serves to support and advocate for all transit interests in the region

Agendas & Minutes

Minutes provide a detailed summary of the actions taken at meetings of the South Western Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (SWRMPO). Minutes must be approved by the pertinent board before they are posted here.
The draft minutes of SWRMPO meetings will be available to the public in WestCOG’s office within seven days of a meeting. Please visit WestCOG’s office to obtain voting summaries.

To receive meeting agendas in your inbox, sign up here.

Meeting Date Document Agenda
02-20-2015 Minutes
03-19-2015 Minutes
04-16-2015 MinutesAgenda
05-21-2015 Minutes
06-25-2015 Minutes
07-16-2015 MinutesAgenda
08-20-2015 MinutesAgenda
10-22-2015 MinutesAgenda
11-19-2015 MinutesAgenda
12-17-2015 MinutesAgenda and Packet
01-21-2016 MinutesPacket
02-18-2016 MinutesAgenda
03-17-2016 MinutesPacket
04-21-2016 MinutesAgenda
05-19-2016 MinutesAgenda
06-16-2016 MinutesAgenda
07-21-2016 MinutesAgenda
08-12-2016 MinutesAgenda
10-20-2016 MinutesAgenda
11-17-2016 MinutesAgenda
12-15-2016 MinutesAgenda
01-23-2017 MinutesCOG/MPO Agenda
02-23-2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
03-16-2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
04-20-2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
05-18-2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
06-15-2017 MinutesAmended MPO Agenda
07-20-2017 Canceled Canceled
08-17-2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
10-05-2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
11-16-2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
12-14-2017 MinutesMPO Agenda
01-18-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
02-15-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
03-15-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
04-19-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
05-17-2018 Canceled Canceled
05-22-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
06-21-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
07-19-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
08-16-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
09-27-2018 Canceled Canceled
10-18-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
11-15-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
12-13-2018 MinutesMPO Agenda
01-17-2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
02-28-2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
03-21-2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
04-18-2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
05-16-2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
06-25-2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
07-19-2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
08-15-2019 Cancelled Cancelled
09-19-2019 MinutesMPO Agenda
10-17-2019 Minutes MPO Agenda
11-21-2019 Cancelled
12-19-2019 Minutes MPO Agenda
01-16-2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
02-13-2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
03-19-2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
04-23-2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
05-21-2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
06-18-2020 Minutes MPO Agenda
07-23-2020 MPO Meeting - Canceled
08-20-2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
09-17-2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
10-15-2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
11-19-2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
12-17-2020 MinutesMPO Agenda
01-21-2021 MinutesMPO Agenda
02-18-2021 MinutesMPO Agenda
03-18-2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
04-22-2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
05-20-2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
06-17-2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
08-19-2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
09-23-2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
10-21-2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
11-18-2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
12-15-2021 Minutes MPO Agenda
01-20-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
02-17-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
03-17-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
04-21-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
05-31-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
06-16-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
07-21-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
08-18-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
09-22-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
10-20-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
11-30-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
12-15-2022 Minutes MPO Agenda
01-19-2023 Minutes MPO Agenda
02-16-2023 Minutes Agenda
03-16-2023 Interim Minutes MPO Agenda


*Compliance with: Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act of
1990 (ADA), Executive Order 13166 “Improving Access to Services for persons with Limited English Proficiency and Executive Order 12898 “Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations”

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SWRMPO Certification Review 2022

Every four years, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) must certify that South Western Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (SWRMPO) is carrying out the metropolitan planning process in adherence with federal statutes and regulations under 23 U.S.C. 134 and 49 U.S.C. 5303.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will conduct a joint review of SWRMPO’s metropolitan planning process. As part of this review, there will be an opportunity for public comment on April 12, 2022 during the Technical Advisory Group meeting which begins at 11:00 am.

To register for virtual attendance, please visit: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_-K0-BBPoQCGnCHOiLfeXmw

For TAG meeting agenda and information, please visit: https://westcog.org/meetings/tag/

Written comments may also be submitted until April 22, 2022 to:

FHWA, Jennifer Carrier, Transportation Planner
Email. jennifer.carrier@dot.gov
Mail. c/o FHWA Connecticut Division, 450 Main Street, Suite 612; Hartford, CT 06103

FTA, Leah Sirmin, Community Planner
Email. leah.sirmin@dot.gov
Mail. c/o Federal Transit Administration, Region 1, 55 Broadway, Suite 920; Cambridge, MA 02142

Please see the Certification Review Flyer for more details on the review process and how to provide feedback on SWRMPO’s transportation planning program.


Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

WestCOG’s Technical Advisory Group (TAG) provides support to the HVMPO, SWRMPO, and COG. The TAG consists of town planners, town engineers, public works officials, transit district representatives, and COG staff. The technical committee reviews and evaluates proposals, and makes recommendations, which are then submitted to the appropriate policy board.

Meetings & Minutes

Minutes provide a detailed summary of the actions taken at meetings of the Transportation Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Minutes must be approved by the pertinent board before they are posted here.

Meeting Date Minutes Agenda
02-09-2021 MinutesAgenda
01-12-2021 MinutesAgenda
12-08-2020 Minutes Agenda
11-10-2020 MinutesAgenda
09-29-2020 MinutesAgenda
09-08-2020 MinutesAgenda
08-18-2020 MinutesAgenda
07-09-2020 MinutesAgenda
06-09-2020 Minutes Agenda
05-12-2020 MinutesAgenda
04-08-2020 Minutes Agenda
03-10-2020 Minutes Agenda
02-05-2020 Minutes Agenda
01-08-2020 Minutes Agenda
12-10-2019 Minutes Agenda
11-12-2019 Minutes Agenda
10-08-2019 Minutes Agenda
09-10-2019 MinutesAgenda
07-30-2019 Cancelled Cancelled
07-09-2019 MinutesAgenda
06-11-2019 MinutesAgenda
04-30-2019 MinutesAgenda
04-09-2019 MinutesAgenda
03-12-2019 MinutesAgenda
02-12-2019 MinutesAgenda
01-08-2019 MinutesAgenda
11-27-2018 MinutesAgenda
10-30-2018 MinutesAgenda
10-02-2018 Canceled Canceled
09-12-2018 MinutesAgenda
07-31-2018 MinutesAgenda
07-02-2018 MinutesAgenda
06-05-2018 MinutesAgenda
05-01-2018 MinutesAgenda
04-03-2018 MinutesAgenda
03-06-2018 MinutesAgenda
01-30-2018 MinutesAgenda
01-09-2018 Canceled Canceled
12-05-2017 MinutesAgenda
11-07-2017 MinutesAgenda
09-06-2017 MinutesAgenda
08-01-2017 MinutesAgenda
07-11-2017 Canceled Canceled
06-06-2017 MinutesAgenda
05-02-2017 MinutesAgenda
04-04-2017 MinutesAgenda
03-07-2017 MinutesAgenda
01-11-2017 MinutesAgenda
12-06-2016 MinutesAgenda
10-06-2016 MinutesAgenda
09-14-2016 MinutesAgenda
07-12-2016 MinutesAgenda
06-07-2016 MinutesAgenda
04-05-2016 MinutesAgenda
03-01-2016 MinutesAgenda
02-02-2016 MinutesAgenda
01-13-2016 MinutesAgenda
10-06-2015 Minutes
06-30-2015 Minutes
05-05-2015 Minutes
04-06-2015 Minutes
01-06-2015 Minutes
11-17-2014 Minutes
10-08-2014 Minutes
09-09-2014 Minutes
06-11-2014 Minutes
05-06-2014 Minutes
04-08-2014 Minutes
03-09-2021 Minutes Agenda
04-13-2021 Minutes Agenda
05-11-2021 Minutes Agenda
06-08-2021 Minutes Agenda
08-10-2021 MinutesAgenda
09-14-2021 Minutes Agenda
10-12-2021 Minutes Agenda
11-09-2021 Minutes Agenda
12-08-2021 MinutesAgenda
01-11-2022 MinutesAgenda
02-08-2022 MinutesAgenda
03-08-2022 MinutesAgenda
04-12-2022 Minutes Agenda
05-10-2022 Minutes Agenda
06-08-2022 Minutes Agenda
07-12-2022 Minutes Agenda
08-09-2022 MinutesAgenda
09-20-2022 Minutes Agenda
10-11-2022 MinutesAgenda
11-08-2022 Minutes Agenda
12-13-2022 Minutes Agenda
01-10-2023 MinutesAgenda
02-14-2023 Minutes Agenda
03-14-2023 Interim MinutesAgenda

Long Range Transportation Plans

Metropolitan Transportation Plans

2023 – 2050 MTP Updates

WestCOG is updating the Metropolitan Transportation Plans (MTP) for the South Western Region and Housatonic Valley Metropolitan Planning Organizations. The MTPs, previously referred to as the Long Range Transportation Plans or LRTP, are the primary roadmap for transportation planning, strategies, and investments in the region for the next 25 years. It is required to be updated every 4 years with this update scheduled for completion in the spring of 2023.

The Plans will serve as a guide for developing a transportation system that is not only accessible, safe, and reliable, but also contributes to the economy and to a high quality of life for residents. The Plans will reflect the region’s current conditions, identifies future transportation needs, and recommend projects to meet those needs.

“The Draft Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Draft Air Quality Determination Report are now available for public comment from February 8, 2023 to March 9, 2023.  Persons with limited internet access may contact WestCOG by telephone at 475-323-2060, via email: plan@westcog.org, or mail the WestCOG office: 1 Riverside Road, Sandy Hook, CT 06482.”

Comments on the draft MTP or air quality conformity may be made by mail to the WestCOG office, email, or at one of the three public information meetings: 

1) February 22, 2023, 6:30PM to 8:00PM at the Danbury Library, Lower Level Meeting Room, 170 Main Street, Danbury, CT 06810;

2) February 23, 2023, 1:00PM to 2:30PM virtually by registering here; or

3) February 23, 2023, 6:30PM to 8:00PM at the Ferguson Main Library, Auditorium, 1 Public Library Plaza, Stamford CT 06904

Public Information Meeting Presentation Recording – February 23, 2023

Stay up-to-date with MTP related news by signing up for our email distribution list:

Current Plans

2019 – 2045 HVMPO LRTP


Housatonic Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (HVMPO) Long-Range Transportation Plan, 2019-2045: This regional transportation plan is a statement by the Housatonic Valley Region’s municipal chief elected officials, serving as the area’s federally recognized regional agency for transportation planning, as to what investments and strategies are needed to improve and balance mobility within the Region.

The Plan is a prerequisite for federal transportation funding. It is the result of a transportation planning process designed to increase the public’s awareness of transportation matters. It provides all parties with a welcoming point of contact with transportation investment decision making.

2019 – 2045 SWRMPO LRTP


The South Western Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (SWRMPO) is pleased to announce the endorsement of the Long Range Transportation Plan for the SWRMPO, 2019-2045. This plan is the official Long Range Transportation Plan for the South Western Region, covering the time period between 2019-2045.

This plan provides a “blueprint” for transportation investment in the eight towns of the South Western Region: Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Weston, Westport, and Wilton. This plan serves as a guide for developing a transportation system that is accessible, safe, and reliable, thereby contributing to a higher quality of life for the Region’s residents.

Previous Plans

Language Options


Planes de Transporte a Largo Plazo de La Organización Metropolitana de Planificación para la Región del Valle de Housatonic (HVMPO), 2019-2045: Este plan de transporte regional es una declaración de los principales funcionarios municipals electos de la Región del Valle de Housatonic, que sirve como la agencia regional reconocida federalmente para la planificación del transporte, en cuanto a qué inversions y estrategias son necesarias para mejorar y equilibrar la movilidad dentro de la región.

El plan es un requisito previo para la financiación del transporte federal. Es el resultado de un proceso de planificación de transporte diseñado para aumentar la conciencia pública sobre los asuntos de transporte. Proporciona todas las partes con un punto de contacto acogedor con la toma de decisiones de inversión en transporte.


La Organización Metropolitana de Planificación para la Región Suroeste (SWRMPO) se complace en anunciar la aprobación del Plan de Transporte a Largo Plazo para la SWRMPO, 2019-2045. Este plan es el plan oficial de Transporte a Largo Plazo para la región sur occidental, que cobre el período de tiempo entre 2019-2045.

Este plan proporciona un ” modelo ” para la inversión de transporte en los ocho municipios de la región suroeste: Darien, Greenwich, Nueva Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Weston, Westport, y Wilton. Este plan sirve como una guía para el desarrollo de un sistema de transporte que sea accesible, seguro y fiable, lo que contribuye a una mejor calidad de vida para la región residentes.


Planos de Transporte de Longo Alcance para a Organização Metropolitana de Planejamento para a Região do Vale Housatonic (HVMPO), 2019-2045: Este plano de transporte regional é uma declaração dos diretores eleitos do governo municipal da Região do Vale de Housatonic, que serve como a agência regional federalmente reconhecida para planejamento de transporte, quanto aos investimentos e estratégias necessários para melhorar e equilibrar a mobilidade dentro da Região.

O Plano é um pré-requisito para o financiamento do transporte federal. É o resultado de um processo de planejamento de transporte projetado para aumentar a consciência pública sobre questões de transporte. Ele fornece todas as partes com um ponto de contato de boas-vindas com a tomada de decisões de investimento em transporte.


A Organização Metropolitana de Planejamento para a Região Sudoeste (SWRMPO) tem o prazer de anunciar o endosso do Plano de Longo Alcance Transporte para a SWRMPO, 2019-2045. Este plano é o funcionário Plano de Longo Alcance Transporte para a Região Sudoeste, que cobre o período de tempo entre 2019-2045.

Este plano proporciona um “modelo” para o investimento transporte nas oito cidades da Região Sudoeste: Darien, Greenwich, Nova Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Weston, Westport, e Wilton. Indo este plano serve como um guia para o desenvolvimento de um sistema de transporte que é acessível, seguro e confiável, contribuindo assim para uma melhor qualidade de vida para os moradores da região.


Le Plan de Transport à Longue Distance pour l’Organisation métropolitaine de planification de la Région de la Vallée Housatonic (HVMPO), 2019-2045: Ce plan de transport régional est une déclaration des élus municipaux en chef de la région de Housatonic Valley, qui fait office d’organisme régional de planification des transports reconnu par le gouvernement federal pour la planification des transports, afin de déterminer les investissements et les stratégies nécessaires pour améliorer et équilibrer la mobilité dans la region.

Le plan est une condition préalable au financement fédéral des transports. C’est le résultat d’un processus de planification de transport conçu pour sensibiliser davanatge le public aux questions de transport. Il fournit à toutes les parties un point de contact accueillant pour la prise de decision en matière d’investissement dans les transports.


L’Organisation métropolitaine de planification de la Région Sud – Ouest (SWRMPO) est heureuse d’annoncer l’approbation du Plan de Transport à Longue Distance pour la SWRMPO, 2019-2045. Ce plan est le plan officiel de transport à longue distance pour la région du Sud – Ouest, couvrant la période de temps entre, 2019-2045.

Ce plan fournit un ” plan ” pour les investissements dans les transports dans les huit villes de la région du Sud – Ouest: Darien, Greenwich, Nouveau Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Weston, Westport, et Wilton. Ce plan sert de guide pour l’élaboration d’ un système de transport qui est accessible, sûr et fiable, contribuant à une meilleure qualité de vie pour les habitants de la région.


Housatonic Valley Metropolitan Planowania Organizacja (HVMPO) dalekiego zasięgu transport plan, 2019-2045: ten regionalny plan transportu jest oświadczenie HVMPO gminnych urzędników wybieranych, służąc jako federalnie uznane agencji regionalnej dla Planowania transportu, co do tego, jakie inwestycje i strategie są potrzebne do poprawy i zrównoważenia mobilności w regionie.

Plan jest warunkiem wstępnym dla federalnego finansowania transportu. Jest to wynik procesu planowania transportu, którego celem jest zwiększenie świadomości publicznej w zakresie transportu. Zapewnia ona wszystkim stronom przyjemny punkt kontaktowy z podejmowaniem decyzji inwestycyjnych w zakresie transportu.


South Western Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (SWRMPO) ma przyjemność ogłosić zatwierdzenie Planu Transportu o dalekim zasięgu dla SWRMPO, 2019-2045. Ten plan jest oficjalnym planem transportu dalekim zasięgu dla SWRMPO, obejmujący okres między 2019-2045.

Plan ten stanowi model inwestycji transportowych w ośmiu miastach regionu południowo-zachodniego: Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Stamford, Weston, Westport i Wilton. Plan ten służy jako przewodnik dla rozwoju systemu transportowego, który jest dostępny, bezpieczny i niezawodny, przyczyniając się tym samym do wyższej jakości życia mieszkańców regionu.

Transportation Improvement Programs

Transportation Improvement Programs

ENGLISH: The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is four-year financially constrained listing of all federal funded and regionally significant transportation projects. The TIP is developed in cooperation with federal and state agencies, including the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT), area municipalities, and transit operators in the region.

The TIP is multimodal and includes funding for transit, highway, and bicycle/pedestrian projects, among others. The TIP also serves as the vehicle for implementation of goals and objectives identified in regional Long Range Transportation Plan.  The TIP is part of the Statewide TIP (STIP), and is a living document that adjusts to project changes with input from the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

ESPAÑOL: El Programa de Mejora del Transporte (TIP) es una lista financieramente restringido de todos los proyectos de transporte con fondos federales y de importancia regional de cuatro años. El TIP es desarrollado en cooperacion con las agencias federales y estatales, incluyendo el Departamento de Transporte de Connecticut (CTDOT), los municipios de la zona, y los operadores de transporte publico en la region.

El TIP es multimodal e incluye fondos para proyectos de tránsito, carreteras y bicicletas / peatones, entre otros. El TIP también sirve como vehículo para la implementación de metas y objetivos identificados en el Plan de transporte a largo plazo regional. El TIP es parte del TlP del estado (STIP) y es un documento vivo que se ajusta a los cambios del proyecto con aportes de La Organización de Planificación Metropolitana (MPO).

PORTUGUÊS: O Programa de Melhoria de Transporte (TIP) é uma lista restrita financeiramente de todos os projetos de transporte com financiamento federal e regionalmente significativos por quatro anos. O TIP do Conselho de Governos do Western Connecticut é desenvolvido em cooperação com agências federais e estaduais, incluindo o Departamento de Transporte de Connecticut (CTDOT), municípios da área e operadores de trânsito na região.

O TIP é multimodal e inclui financiamento para projetos de trânsito, rodovias e ciclistas / pedestres, entre outros. O TIP também serve como veículo para a implementação de metas e objetivos identificados no Plano Regional de Transporte de Longo Alcance. O TIP faz parte do TIP do estado (STIP) e é um documento vivo que se ajusta às mudanças do projeto com a contribuição da Organização de Planejamento Metropolitano (MPO).

FRANÇAIS: Le Programme d’amélioration des transports (TIP) consiste en une liste avec des contraintes financières, de tous les projets de transport financés par le gouvernement fédéral et d’importance régionale pour quatre ans. Le TIP du Conseil de gouvernance du Western Connecticut est élaboré en coopération avec des organismes fédéraux et des États, y compris le ministère des Transports du Connecticut (CTDOT), des municipalités de la région et des opérateurs de transport en commun de la région.

Le TIP est multimodal et comprend le financement de projets de transport en commun, d’autoroute et de vélos / piétons, entre autres. Le TIP sert également de véhicule pour la mise en œuvre des buts et objectifs identifiés dans le plan de transport régional à long terme. Le TIP fait partie du TlP de l’ État (STIP) et constitue un document évolutif qui s’adapte aux modifications de projet avec l’aide de l’organisme de planification métropolitaine (MPO).

POLSKI: Program poprawy transportu (TIP) jest czteroletnim finansowo ograniczonym wykazem wszystkich federalnych finansowanych i regionalnie znaczących projektów transportowych. TIP jest rozwijany we współpracy z federalnymi i państwowymi agencjami, w tym z Departamentem transportu Connecticut (CTDOT), gminami i podmiotami tranzytu w regionie.

TIP jest multimodalnego i obejmuje finansowanie tranzytu, autostrad i rowerów/pieszych projektów. TIP służy również jako pojazd do realizacji celów określonych w regionalnym długoterminowym planie transportu.  TIP jest częścią Statewide TIP (STIP) i jest dokumentem, który dostosowuje się do zmian z oświadczeniem z Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

Transportation Studies

Transportation Studies

Metro-North Railroad New Canaan Branch Noise Pollution Abatement Feasibility Study

The purpose of this Study, which is being conducted by SRF Consulting Group for WestCOG, is to reduce environmental impacts for the residents and businesses around the Branch’s at-grade railway/highway crossings while enhancing safety at these same crossings.  The consultants will develop cost-effective approaches to implementing noise reduction measures for the New Canaan Branch that may include quiet zone(s) or other improvements.  Initial Study tasks are underway as of February 2023; WestCOG projects that the study will be completed in 2024.

Coming soon:

Stay tuned as to learn more about this Study, opportunities for public involvement, and view presentations and deliverables.

Regional Transportation Safety Plan

The Regional Transportation Safety Plan (RTSP) aims to reduce fatalities and injuries by outlining effective safety countermeasures to reduce potential future crashes. Visit the Regional Transportation Safety Plan Website for more details.

Danbury and New Fairfield Route 37 Corridor Study

This 18-month study is complete.  Please visit the study webpage to learn more about this exciting project.

Recent Transportation Studies

See WestCOG’s Publication Page to find supporting reports and historical documents.



Welcome to the WestCOG transportation page. Here you will find links to important resources relating to the WestCOG transportation program:

Current Notices


Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) are federally mandated and funded transportation policy-making organizations designated by the governor. MPOs serve as forums for cooperative transportation decision-making in urbanized areas with populations of 50,000 or more. WestCOG currently serves as staff to two MPOs:

Foundational Plans & Programs

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The TIP is a financially-constrained list of all highway and public transit projects proposed to be undertaken utilizing federal funding, requiring federal approval, or of regional significance over a four year period in each MPO region.

Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

Two long range regional transportation plans, one for the SWRMPO area and one for the HVMPO area, make recommendations for improvements to transportation facilities and services. Updated every five years, the LRTP seeks to lay out investments and strategies to improve mobility in the region. The Transportation Improvement Programs above select projects from these plans to be funded.

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

A Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is a required document outlining transportation planning activities performed in accordance with United States Code (23 CFR Part 450.308). The work program serves as a guide to develop and advance the implementation of plans, programs, and projects that seek to address the eight planning factors identified in §450.306(a)). Such factors include, but are not limited to: preserving and improving the transportation system, enhancing mobility and connectivity, supporting economic vitality, safety and security, as well as environmental considerations.

Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP)

LOTCIP provides State funds to municipal governments for transportation improvements.  Funding for LOTCIP is managed by WestCOG and distributed to our member municipalities for individual transportation projects.

Title VI and Public Participation Plan

Opportunities for public involvement are a cornerstone of the transportation planning process.

Congestion Management Process

Per Federal regulation §450.322, the transportation planning process must address congestion management in all Transportation Management Areas (TMA). SWRMPO meets the criteria of a TMA with a population over 200,000.  Since the formation of WestCOG, which now hosts both SWRMPO and HVMPO, highly congested roadways on the national highway system in the HVMPO have also been monitored and reported on.

Transportation Studies

This page contains information on transportation studies that WestCOG is involved in.  These studies focus on topics or geographic areas that are important to the region.  Study recommendations are placed into the long range transportation plans.

Other Transportation Resources

Transportation resources from the state of Connecticut and federal transportation agencies.

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