Danbury and New Fairfield Route 37 Corridor Study

WestCOG, in collaboration with the City of Danbury and Town of New Fairfield, is developing the Danbury and New Fairfield Corridor Study for Route 37 between I-84 Exit 6 in Danbury to 0.2 mile north of Route 39 in New Fairfield. 

Public Workshops

Date Location Meeting Materials Video Recording Written Summary
06/10/20 Click to attend 4:00PM Agenda, SlidesVideo Link6/10 Summary
06/11/20 Click to attend 7:00PM Agenda, SlidesVideo Link06/11 Summary

Recognizing the public gathering limitations during the current Coronavirus pandemic, the study team hosted two virtual workshops in June 2020. The purpose of each workshop was to introduce the public to the study and gather feedback from residents, travelers, and stakeholders on issues, opportunities, and ideas regarding the corridor.

Both virtual workshops had the same format and covered the same content. Each included a live presentation by the study team and a series of questions to solicit feedback from the public. Each workshop lasted about one hour. Closed captioning and Spanish and Portuguese versions of the presentation are available in the workshop videos.

Study Overview

The major objectives of this study are to discover solutions to alleviate traffic congestion levels, improve pedestrian mobility, and to promote healthy and environmentally friendly modes of transportation. Specifically, the following improvements will be considered:

  • Reduced congestion in key sections during peak hours,
  • Improved safety at problem intersections,
  • Adequate paved shoulder widths,
  • Safe pedestrian connections (sidewalks, crosswalks, etc.), and
  • The feasibility for a potential multi-use trail / sidepath between Saw Mill Road and Bear Mountain Reservation.

While emphasizing the enhancement of capacity, safety, and multi-modal options along the Route 37, the study will also consider smart growth planning, more livable, economically sustainable communities, and complete streets.

What is the schedule?  When will the study be completed?

What will the products of the study be?

Based on public and stakeholder input, field data, existing plans, and design options acceptable to stakeholders, the study product will be a conceptual plan for future design and construction of improvements or projects within the corridor. This study will result in a coordinated land use and transportation system plan for the Route 37 in this study area.

The study will establish short and long term goals to improve upon the traveling infrastructure. It will also develop recommendations to improve mobility in these two municipalities. 

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