Public Participation – WestCOG Hazard mitigation plan

The Western Connecticut Council of Governments (WestCOG), along with its member municipalities, is developing its first Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) for all 18 communities. A Hazard Mitigation Plan helps a community understand risks and take steps to reduce natural hazard impacts. And the plan becomes that much more relevant with public comment. We want … Continue reading Public Participation – WestCOG Hazard mitigation plan

Flood Mitigation

Flood Mitigation Assistance Program The heightened intensity of storm events has led to an increase in property damages, particularly in coastal areas and along waterways.  In an effort to reduce the vulnerability of communities to climate change effects, federal funding programs related to damages/losses have been expanded.  However, resource limitations at the local, regional and … Continue reading Flood Mitigation

Planners’ Lunch

Planners’ Lunch The Planners’ Lunch enables planning, land use, zoning, and other municipal staff to share ideas, collaborate, and build stronger relationships with each other and with WestCOG. This quarterly meeting often features new topics in planning and development. Meeting Resources Other Resources Land Use Academy Climate Adaptation Academy Geospatial Training Program

Draft HMP Open for Public Comment

WestCOG’s Draft Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan is is available for review and public comment. This draft will become the first regional Hazard Mitigation Plan for all 18 communities. Comments will be accepted up until March 31st 2021. You can send comments to And travel to the HMP Project Page for more details:

Emergency Management

Emergency Management Hazard Mitigation Plans WestCOG’s former agencies (SWRPA and HVCEO) received funding to complete Hazard Mitigation Plans (HMP) for all 18 communities in the WestCOG region. The HMPs are a bridge to potential FEMA Mitigation funds and grant opportunities. The Hazard Mitigation Plan can be found here. Emergency Management Planning Through regional partnership WestCOG … Continue reading Emergency Management


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