Getting Involved

Public involvement is an important part of WestCOG’s planning process. If you are interested in getting involved consider attending a WestCOG meeting, receiving meeting agendas, and registering for the WestCOG Newsletter to be aware of opportunities for public comment on WestCOG developed plans.

Title VI & Public Participation Plan

This plan is a combo; addressing WestCOG’s approach to meet compliance requirements for civil rights under Title VI; and strategies for Public Participation. Download the plan below to learn more.

Language Assistance Plan

WestCOG’s Language Assistance Plan lays out WestCOG’s strategy to make its resources available for a wide range of language users and more specifically Limited English Proficiency (LEP) populations. The plan lays out how LEP populations are determined, which languages to include, and the methods WestCOG employs to provide language support to access our information. Download the plan below to learn more.