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WestCOG takes part in the Connecticut Landscape Scenarios Workshop

On Thursday, WestCOG staff took part in the “Connecticut Landscape Scenarios Workshop” as part of the Scenarios, Services & Society Research Coordination Network (S3 RCN), where multiple conservation stakeholders from across the state gathered for the day to “engage in an interactive process to build a set of alternative scenarios for how the CT landscape may change over the next 50 years. The resulting scenarios will be part of a New England-wide research and modeling project to analyze their potential consequences.” Continue reading WestCOG takes part in the Connecticut Landscape Scenarios Workshop


Environmental Planning

Recreation resources, watershed planning, and land/water/energy conservation are all considered in the Regional Plan of Conservation Development. An inventory of WestCOG efforts on these topical areas is provided below along with supporting resources.

Winter Maintenance Training

A run down on environmentally-friendly and cost-effective winter maintenance techniques.

Sustainable CT

Through a partnership with Sustainable CT, WestCOG hosts Sustainable CT Fellows each summer to support communities within the Sustainable CT Certification Program. The partnership began in 2018.

Sustainable CT 2019 Fellow Report
Sustainable CT 2018 Fellow Report

MS4 Stormwater

Conservation Planning

  • Regional Tree Census
  • Norwalk Tree Census
  • Open Space Inventory
  • WestCOG is a Conservation Partner with Hudson to Housatonic (H2H)

Watershed Plans